• Online Analog Mastering // 50€ per Track // (CD, Streaming, iTunes, Apple Digital Masters)
  • Analog Mastering (Attended Session) // 60€ // (CD, Streaming, iTunes, Apple Digital Masters)
  • Stem-Mastering // 2-4 Stems 70€ // 5-8 Stems 80€
  • Vinyl-Mastering // 60€ per Track // (We are happy to support you in the further steps to vinyl release)


  • Mixing of whole songs // price based on a non-binding cost estimate depending on the scope of the project.

Audio-Restauration & Digitalisierung

  • By using the latest audio algorithms, noise such as pops or even hiss in your recordings can be effectively reduced.
  • Digitization of cassette or vinyl into high quality audio formats.

Voice Recording 

  • Scoring for e-learning // web-based training // commercials // daily rate in the studio 200€


All prices excl. 19% German VAT (not applied if you live outside the European Union or have a valid VAT number).