How can I help?

We look forward to every new project and are happy to answer questions about ambiguities in advance. Just write an E-mail to or call directly under +49 176/26494416 You can also write a message via WhatsApp schreiben.

When everything is sorted out.

If there are no more questions, send your audio files via WeTransfer to

Acceptable is:

.wav .aiff // 24bit // 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz

Peak below -3dB or even lower without a limiter on the master output.

To avoid errors during the transfer, it is recommended to pack your files into a .zip or .rar archive beforehand.


The following information is required in writing by email for each order:


  • Track Name (Artist - Title)
  • Publication catalog number
  • Specific Mastering Suggestions
  • Full billing address.


  • All individual tracks of the project as audio files in the audio formats mentioned. (Including FX)
  • Wishes & instructions for the mix.
  • Full billing address.



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Tel: +49 176/26494416